The Patagonian region of Argentina is typically fished from November through April, when many rivers in the North are still cold or frozen over. Spring-like conditions can be expected in November and December; summer conditions in January through mid-March; and fall conditions from mid-March until the end of April. As every trout fishermen knows, each season offers something special and distinct from the others. For example, spring offers rivers at their highest flows, fish that have not seen flies yet, unforgettable beauty of wildflowers and moderately cool temperatures. The Patagonian summer offers the most consistent temperatures, the longest days and fantastic terrestrial insect hatches. The fall, on the other hand, offers the beauty of fall colors, cooler temperatures, frisky brown and brook trout and lower water conditions for your fly fishing adventure.


November and December is springtime and similar to our May and June season in the Rockies. Water levels are typically high, but clarity is not an issue since almost all the rivers flow out of lakes. These can be productive months for large fish, as well as those searching for sheer numbers because the fish have not been pressured. We find this to be the time to fool the tough ones. Temperatures range from 35° to 75°. Rain gear and warm clothing are strongly recommended.

January and February is summertime in Patagonia. Wet wading is possible, but waders are always a good idea. Dry fly fishing is better and the climate is comfortable to warm. Temperature will range from 45° to 85°. This is our favorite time in regards to comfort and the fact that all waters are accessible and fishable.

Mach and April are Patagonia's “fall' fishing months. Weather conditions are less predictable, but fish behavior is predictable. The Brookies, Browns and Salmon begin spawning movement. This is definitely your best chance for a trophy brookie or brown. Come prepared for any weather as temperatures can range from 30° to 75°.