Duration: Half Day
A smooth rafting excursion fit for everyone and is ideal for beginners in raft and paddle techniques. The Upper Rio Manso stems from Tronador glaciers and it's waters are cloudy, heavily loaded with mineral sediment. The trip starts about 7 km away from the Hotel Tronador, on the road to Cerro Tronador, where the river comes close to the road. Let the stream take you through still waters and some small rapids, just paddle now and then is all you have to do to stir the boat. The rest is enjoying the landscape, the silence, and the stories from the guide.


Duration: Full Day
(Stretch between Lago Steffen and Río Villegas). This river drains all lakes on this part of the Park. It flows into the Pacific Ocean carrying a large volume of water which translates into a more exciting rafting. Lago Steffen lies 57 km south of Hotel Tronador. The boat sets out at the point where the river leaves the lake. The boat travels some 12 kilometers and a picnic lunch is carried on board. Clear water with an emerald hue and exciting white water make it a great day. Enjoy a mid-day lunch break on a riverside beach halfway of the trip and (weather permitting) a quick swim in the river will make it unforgettable.


Duration: Full Day
This section of the river is a class III / IV rapids (in a scale I to VI), so it is a real white water rafting. To take part in this adventure it is mandatory to swim, be in fair physical condition and you have to be older than 14 years old. To do this excursion from Hotel Tronador you should book with a local company which offers this excursion from downtown Bariloche, joining the group at Villa Mascardi (35 km away from Bariloche on road to Lower Manso river section).