International flights to Barilcohe will go through either Santiago, Chile, or Buenos Aires, Argentina. In the U.S., your will most likely go through Dallas, Washington D.C., Miami, or L.A. The major Airlines that service Argentina are American, Lan Chile, United, or Aerolineas Argentina. All domestic flights will most likely be on Aerolineas Argentina or Lan Chile.

Argentina Domestic Airfare - Reconfirmation
Because Argentine airlines are notorious for schedule changes, we recommend that you contact the airline 3 days prior to your departure to reconfirm your flights.

American Airlines 1-800-433-7300
Aerolineas Argentina 1-800-333-0276
United Airlines 1-800-538-2929


Arrival Taxes
U.S. Tourists are charged a processing fee of roughly $45 upon arrival. Make sure to have this cash available for this charge upon arrival. You will not have an opportunity to find an ATM machine when you enter the customs/immigrations area.


U.S. tourists are charged a processing fee of roughly $25 upon departure from the country. Make sure to have this cash available for this charge upon arrival at the International Airport in Buenos Aires. Finding an ATM in the airport is not easy.


Foreigners traveling to Argentina must have a passport valid for six months from arrival in Argentina. A visa is not required of citizens from the U.S.. When using a passport for proof of citizenship, we recommend carrying a photocopy of your passport in separate luggage in case it gets lost. It is also a good idea to leave a copy of your passport with someone in the U.S. to be faxed in an emergency.


Baggage Allowance on International flights is 2 checked bags and one carry-on. Weight restrictions vary among the different airlines, but no bags are accepted over 100 lbs on any airline. If you are not flying on Aerolineas from the U.S. you can expect to pay an overweight baggage fee if your bags collectively weigh over 50 lbs. Baggage allowance on domestic Argentine flights is very confusing and inconsistent. Be sure and watch to make sure your luggage is tagged properly.

EZE - Buenos Aires International AEP - Buenos Aires Domestic BAR - Bariloche
Helpful Hint: If you get your bags wrapped by the blue latex wrap in the airports you will most likely avoid all inspections.


The electrical current in Argentina is 220 volts, 50 cycles, so a standard converter and European adapter for two-pronged plug is necessary for any electric appliance. If you need to plug in electrical devices including laptops, hair dryers, or electric razors, we recommend bringing two power converters in the event one burns out.


Citizens of the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Britain, Ireland and other Western European nations do not need a visa for tourist trips of up to ninety days. You will need a valid passport and will have to fill in a landing card on arrival and you will be given a stamp for stays of thirty, sixty or ninety days. Staple your duplicate of the landing card into your passport, next to your entrance stamp, as you'll need it to leave the country. If you do lose it, it's rarely a serious problem, but you'll have to fill in a new form at the border control.

On entering the country, you will also be given a customs declaration form. Duty is not charged on used personal effects, books, and other articles for non-commercial purposes, up to the value of $300. Make sure you declare any valuable electronic items such as laptop computers, as customs officers can be suspicious that you may be bringing them into the country to sell.