When fly fishing is not an option, Helisking is. We invite you to discover breathtaking scenery of huge mountains, virgin forests, mystic lakes and vast glaciers. Adventurers from world over are attracted by this wilderness. You will enjoy untracked powder on some of the most remote helicopter-accessed terrain in the entire world; located in the vast area that lies between Bariloche and El Calafate.

Patagonia's splendid mountains still hide well-kept secrets: dry powder snow, immense open bowls, spectacular glaciers, and challenging treed slopes. These attributes make this 100% virgin mountain environment outstanding ski terrain which few skiers have ever experienced.

Our programs combine luxurious accommodations in The Arelauquen Lodge & Spa and other Lodges in Southern Patagonia with exclusive taylor-made programs in pre-established or alternative runs, some only minutes away flying from the Arelauquen Lodge and others in untouched spots. We offer you diversity, adventure and the incredible feeling of being a pioneer in the middle of the most amazing Patagonian landscape. Helicopter range doesn't limit your possible skiing terrain, as Burco owns an integrated network of lodges in Patagonia, on both sides of the Argentinean - Chilean border You will enjoy all the benefits of skiing in exclusive private groups of 4 to 5 skiers.

This smaller group size allows for exclusive use of the helicopter and skiing terrain. You also get more personal service from the guide, access to more remote terrain and no helicopter wait time - in other words, more quality ski time. Besides, the pace at which the group wishes to ski can be more easily arranged, from blistering nonstop descents to leisurely cruise runs. It will definitely exceed the expectations of even the most demanding skiers and allow you to thoroughly enjoy it with your own friends.