The guides at Esquel Outfitters are some of the best in all of Patagonia. All are natives of Argentina, have years of guiding experience on the rivers and lakes you will be fishing, and speak fluent English. Every guide listed below has been with EO for 10 or more years. This is a strong indication of the integrity of the Esquel Outfitters operation.

The most important aspect of any serious fishing trip is the guides that you will be spending each day with. Fishing with the guides from Esquel Outfitters is always rewarding because each has a slightly different skill set that will give you the opportunity to experience and learn from. All the guides treat each other and their clients like friends and family.


Marcos Jaeger is the owner of Esquel Outfitters and is the head guide. His family settled in Choila (where El Trebol lodge is located) in the 1940’s. He began guiding around Choila in Los Alerces National Park, Esquel, Rio Pico and Chubut province in 1991. His vast experience, attention to detail, enthusiasm, and kindness are his biggest assets. You simply will not find someone who handles the logistics of a fishing trip better than Marcos. When you consider that there are multiple lodges, boats, trailers, 4x4 vehicles, staff members, different groups coming and going each week, and fresh food to be purchased, Marcos somehow makes it all look easy and seamless. He is a master at heading off a potential problem BEFORE it happens. He is also a superb angler and guide!


Jorge has been guiding for 15 years and has been with Marcos and Esquel Outfitters since 2000. His knowledge of fly fishing, humor, and enthusiasm make fishing with Jorge a memorable experience. He grew up in El Bolson which is between Bariloche and Esquel and much of the fresh fruit and jams come from his family’s farm. Simply put, Jorge is one of the best guides in all of Patagonia, not just because of his knowledge of the rivers, but because of his enthusiastic yet easy going nature.


Diego has been guiding for E.O. since 2002 and was born and raised in Bariloche. Like Jorge, he knows all the rivers and lakes on the menu inside and out. He is a skilled angler, superb oarsman, and he speaks eloquent English with a refined british accent. Diego guides with an air of quiet confidence that will rub off on you, making you cast a little better and have you hooking more trout. He is a wonderful instructor, yet not overbearing, and he is someone who makes any day on the water more enjoyable.

GUILLE (On the Right)

(Meaning Willy in English) has been with Marcos from the beginning. When he was 18 years old, Guille was running the transfers, helping around the lodge and fishing every chance that he got. Now in his 30’s he is an outstanding guide with vast knowledge of all aspects of the EO fishing program. Guille has a quiet, easy going guiding style but is more than willing and more than capable of answering any questions you have about his fishery or any aspect of his country. Like Diego, he was born and raised in Bariloche and he speaks fluent English.


Juancho has been fishing in Patagonia his entire life and became a guide with Esquel Oufitters in 2001. He is a skilled angler, great caster, and always quick with a joke. He does, however, take his guiding seriously and like all the EO guides knows the water intimately. He is light hearted, happy, and focused on catching trout!