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Macos Yaeger, owner & head guide of Esquel Outfitters, has been guiding in Los Alerces National Park, Esquel, and Rio Pico regions since 1990 (30 years!).  He pays great attention to details and is the master at handling the logistics of a fishing trip.  The focus is, and always has been, on you, the angler.  I could go on and on about credentials and experience, but I would like to relate to you a true story that I think shows Marcos's customer focused way of running his operation.


That's Marcos in the background on the Satelite phone making arrangements to fish elsewhere.


An example:  Several years ago my friends and I had a 3 day/2 night float trip planned on the Chubut.  About 45 min. into our 1.5 hour drive, the three guide trucks with rafts in tow, came to a sudden stop off a dirt road (see photo above).  Marcos had heard over the radio from the guys deploying the supply rafts that the river was high and dirty.  He then gets on his Sat phone (cell phones rarely work in these remote areas), makes a reservation at a nearby private lagoon and off we go fishing.  For us anglers it was somewhat disappointing, but a very easy adjustment for us to make, given that there are many great fishing choices close to the main lodge, El Trebol.  I did not really appreciate or understand what he had done until later that day.  Let me explain.  Firstly, most outfitters are not in constant contact with all the other vehicles via radio and never would have known the river was high and dirty until they arrived.  Very few carry Sat phones, and to turn around 2 supply vehicles with rafts, 3 days worth of food, tents, coolers, chairs, and tons of gear, plus the 5 drivers required to move the 3 guide trucks and 2 supply vehicles 35 miles down river to the take out is not a small undertaking.  I have been working in this business for 25 years now and I can assure you that once all the wheels are in motion, most outfitters would have just gone forward with the trip, cursing their luck that there is no way to predict mother nature.  Well, not Marcos!  At huge expense, he turned everyone around and sent them back to the lodge to unpack. THAT is the Esquel Outfitters difference!





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