The region of Patagonia, of which Bariloche is considered one of the primary gateways, attracts a rich variety of birdlife, including the magnificent condor. The diversity of habitats contributes to the multitude of species found here and the spectacular settings of Patagonia provide some unforgettable birding experiences.

Esquel Outfitters can arrange customized birding tours for small groups or individual tours from daily excursions to multi-day adventures. A daily birding trip can be a great break from your fly fishing schedule. We offer set itineraries with our friend Dr. Lorenzo Sympson as well as nature trips.

Dr. Lorenzo Sympson, a native Argentine, is a noted Andean condor expert. He is a founding member and head of the ornithological committee of SNAP (Sociedad Naturalista Andino Patagonica), a regional NGO dedicated to the conservation of Patagonia’s unique ecosystem. Dr. Sympson is the coordinator for UCSC’s condor program in Argentina, a program designed for researching condor biology and behavior. As a veterinarian and ranch manager in Argentina and Peru, his interest and expertise in ornithology led him to guiding bird enthusiasts. Below is a brief itinerary of a trip with Lorenzo.

Lorenzo will be your host and guide and will travel with you to Valle Encantado (Enchanted Valley) where your adventure in the field begins. From there, you’ll go on to the Cuyin and Traful valleys, the Llao Llao peninsula, and if you choose, across the Chilean border to the Pacific coast or to regions south of Bariloche.

You will visit the roosting sites of the legendary condor and view many raptors, including the Black-chested Eagle, Peregrine and Aplomado falcons, Kestrel and Crested Caracaras. You will explore the dry steppe and pampas grasslands where you could find seedsnipes, Buff-necked Ibis, various ground-Tyrants and a variety of owls including the Austral Pygmy-Owl and the Rufous-legged Owl. Along the Limay River, Great Grebes, Ringed Kingfisher, Dark-bellied Cinclodes, the shy Patagonian Tyrant, the Thorn-tailed Rayadito and White-throated Treerunner can all be found in abundance.

In the Valdivian forest you can see and hear the three local Tapaculos. These southern beech forests are also home to the Austral Parakeet, Des Murs’ Wiretail and Patagonia’s largest woodpecker, the Magellanic. Among the coastal birds of interest are Oystercatchers, Plumbeous Rail, Tawny-throated Dotterel and Spot-flanked Gallinule to name a few. These are just a few of the species you will see, depending on your choice of itinerary.

This particular tour usually requires 7-10 days and is an exclusive trip of 4-10 people. We’ve found a smaller group allows flexibility and assures your comfort in travel and lodging. You will experience the warmth and friendliness of the people and enjoy the legendary cuisine and wines of Argentina and Chile. Travel will be provided by van, motorboat and/or horseback to the various birding sites throughout Patagonia. You will stay in lovely lodges or estancias (ranches) that provide all the modern conveniences while retaining that authentic Argentina and Chilean flavor.

Call us for a detailed itinerary of this trip.

RATES: $350 per person per day all inclusive (with lodging) small groups only!

DAILY RATE: $125 per person with guide, transportation and picnic.
Guided Connections can also arrange special birding tours in other locations in Patagonia.