If every place on earth offers a sense of discovery, Esquel is a perfect example of around-the-corner surprises and experiences. Esquel is the capital of Los Alerces National Park in the province of Chubut. The city lies on the banks of Arroyo Esquel and beneath La Zeta, 21, La Cruz Mountains and Nahuel Pan, which form a natural amphitheatre of high forested peaks and an unparalleled outdoor fly fishing playground.

Some 31,000 people live here entwined with a solid cultural movement. Every year inhabitants of Esquel organize the "Fiesta Provincial del Teatro". There are also other groups, like the Choir of the University of Patagonia San Juan Bosco, the Welsh choir of Capilla Seion, as well as different artists who perform in the Auditorio Municipal.

The majestic landscape of milenary larch forests, endless mountain trails, rivers and lakes invite different outdoor activities. Tranquility and beauty are unique. The four seasons have different characteristics: snow and skiing in winter, an explosion of colors and flowers in spring, and in fall, leaves turning from yellow to red make it an ideal destination for Patagonia photography. Whatever season you choose, your experience will be unforgettable.

Winters are cold, with snow and rain and summers are temperate with sunny days. To the west, the mountains produce microclimates due to the differences in altitude and the humid winds from the Pacific. As in the rest of Patagonia, winds are strong even in summer and spring and produce an effect of aridity due to evaporation. In Esquel Argentina you can enjoy a magical adventure on the famous narrow gauge train, known as La Trochita, which travels up to El Maitén.