Typical Argentine food is asado (barbecue meat cooked over live coals); empanadas (a sort of turnover meat pie or pastry that comes with a variety of other stuffings); trout; tamales (a dish made of corn meal, chicken or meat wrapped in corn husks); humita (a dish made of grated corn, sweet peppers and tomatoes wrapped in the green leaves of corn); and locro (a dish made of meat, potato, pumpkin, corn and sweet pepper). However, and due to the migrating current that populated the country, there exists a quite varied international cuisine: Spanish, Italian, French, German, Scandinavian, Greek, English, Swedish, Hungarian, Dutch, Chilean, Mexican, Basque, Jewish, Russian, Ukranian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Arabian.

The country's characteristic drink is mate. The quality of its wines and meats is world renowned and the new Argentine cuisine has reached an international level.

Traditional Argentina foods include:


Alfajor is a traditional candy in some South American countries, most notably in Argentina and Chile. Its most basic form consists of two round biscuits joined together with a sweet jam, generally dulce de leche (milk jam). Another popular feature of the alfajor, although not always present, is a coating of black or white chocolate, thus many alfajors are sold in "black" or "white" flavors.


Dulce de leche ("milk jam" or "caramel spread"), also known as manjar blanco in some countries, is a traditional candy in Patagonia Argentina, Chile, Colombia, PerĂº, Uruguay and other parts of South America. Its most basic recipe mixes boiled milk and sugar, although other ingredients may be included to achieve special properties. Dulce de leche can be prepared by buying sweetened condensed milk and cooking it for several hours until it caramelizes. It is used to flavor candies or other sweet foods, such as cakes, biscuits or ice cream, as well as flan. It is also popular spread on toast.


In Argentina, (and South America generally), an empanada is essentially a stuffed pastry. The filling usually consists primarily of beef, but may also contain cheese, ham and cheese, or spinach; fruit filling is used to create a dessert empanada. Chilean empanadas also use a wheat-flour based dough, but the filling is slightly different and often contains more onion. Chilean's consider the Argentine filling seco, or dry.


Locro is a hearty stew popular in Argentina. Recipes vary and some date back to Spanish colonial times. Typical ingredients include white corn (hominy), beef brisket, onion, tomato, beef sausage, squash (or pumpkin) and potatoes. A red hot sauce made from red peppers and paprika is served on the side.


The national beverages of Argentina are a tea-like drink called yerba mate. Introduced to the world by the Guarani Indians of South America, mate contains ingredients that help keep its drinkers healthy and energetic. More than a drink, Yerba Mate has become a cultural phenomenon throughout South America and is the perfect fly fishing beverage.