In a quiet and spectacular valley three hours south of Bariloche, cattle roam the open lush grasslands and gauchos trot along fence lines with their hand in the air in a friendly greeting. Cholila is a cowboy and a fly fishing dreamland bordered by dry scrub brush to the east, the snow capped Andes Mountains and the Cordillera to the west and the lush forests of the Alerces National Park to the south. This is the Cholila Valley, where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid found refuge in the early 1900's.

While trout fishing in the area we stay in the Hosteria El Trebol, owned by Marcos Jaeger. It is one of the most charming lodges we frequent. El Trebol was founded by German farmers (Marcos' family) years ago who escaped Germany in order to freely practice Christianity. After working all over Argentina, they settled in the Patagonia Cholila Valley to farm and live quietly. You will see various fruit trees in which they make their jellies, jams, and juices. All foods served including cheese, creams and honey are grown and made by the hands at El Trebol. A tour around the grounds will give you an idea of a hard working and simple lifestyle that has not changed for one hundred years.