The corridor around Buenos Aries is one of the richest and most productive areas in Argentina. It is located in the immense Pampas Plains, interrupted only by the mountain range systems of Tandilia and Ventania. The area is rich in immigrating currents, thus it is culturally diverse. This is the land of the gauchos and traditions, but it is also a land of intense industrial and commercial activity.

Tourism in Buenos Aires revolves around its rich history, reflected in the French and Italian architecture, with numerous museums, theaters, cultural centers and shopping malls. The rural tourism invites activities typical of the countryside like hunting and fly fishing, with accommodations in ancient estancia quarters and the possibility to breathe the pure air of the plains while tasting the traditional barbecue: the asado.

Other interesting options include the nearby "mini-tourism" districts such as Mercedes, Pilar, San Isidro, Tigre and Luján, or a day out fishing in the lagoons of Buenos Aires. Adventure travel in Tandil and Sierra de la Ventana is gaining immense popularity for those looking to use Buenos Aries as "base camp" for the Patagonia's many outdoor activities like trout fishing.