Distance: We fish the 16 miles located in Argentina

Size: 6,000 – 10,000 CFS

Name: Futaleufu translate to “Big Water”

This Rio Grande should not be confused with its counterpart in Tierra Del Fuego. The Futaleufu is one of only 2 significant tailwaters in Patagonia. It is primarily a brown trout fishery but contains a significant population of rainbows as well. Located just 15 miles outside of the town of Esquel, it is a short drive to the days adventure. The river continues out of Argentina and into Chile where it becomes better known for its whitewater, rather than the fishing. Floating on this river is very reminiscent of the Missouri River in Montana. Flat, big water flowing at a leisurely pace, giving ample opportunities at the shoreline and various holding spots for trout.

Because it is a tailwater, it is one of the most consistent fisheries in the area. Although, we prefer fly fishing this river when the hoppers become so thick that every step on land kicks up a small city of hoppers, only to be blown by the Patagonian wind into the river. Fishing at this time of year can be some of the most exciting hopper fishing you will find in Patagonia.

With several stretches to float we can manage 2 days on this river without ever seeing the same water twice. A boat is crucial for fishing this river due to its size, but there are several shallow gravel bars that give you the opportunity to stretch your legs, and work some thin water for big browns.

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