Diameter: 1.2 miles

Perimeter: 3.7 miles

Approximate Acres: 800

Lake fishing isn't for everyone... that is until now! You'll love the mountainous Patagonia setting just miles from the Chilean boarder. You'll also love the way these big rainbows and browns can peel off your backing! Light tippet here is OX if you wanted to land the big boys. There are some enormous trophy fish swimming around this lovely 800+ acre lake. The guides will use boats with motors to take you to the reeds on the far side of the lake where most of the big trout hang out. Few, if any kick boat enthusiasts ever make it out to this area, especially if there is any wind. You may experience first hand what the words, "Patagonia Wind" really mean, but it will be more than worth it. Expect plenty of 23 to 25 inch rainbows to slam your streamer, with a chance for a fish in the 28-30 inch class. You might get the chance to land that 10lb brown on your list as well. Keep your fingers crossed for the big one and whatever you do, don't forget your camera!

From the vast wide open pampas of the Gualjaina valley, we head south once again toward jagged peaks. Here, we are back in the Andes, looking at the snow covered mountains straddling the border of Argentina and Chile. The Rio Pico winds its way through the green foothills below, on its meandering journey towards the Pacific Ocean, while Lago No. 3 holds still surrounded by seemingly endless distant peaks and closer cragged, karst-like horizons.

This time your sojourn will be a very comfortable, recently built cabin overlooking Lago #1, just a stone's throw from your front deck. There are some nice fish in all five lakes here in the Rio Pico area, but Lago #3 is by far the best for fly fishing. A ten minute run takes you to the west side of Lago #3 and the reed beds where you will find Alaska sized rainbows that will slam an olive, multi-colored wooly bugger with enough zest to burn right into your backing, even using 2X tippets. The water along the reeds is deep, a good 10-15 feet, so a Teeny T-200 or a 24 foot Type V Density Compensated sink tip is the key to getting down. Most of the fish are hot rainbows in the 22-25 inch class but you will most likely get into fish in the 26-28 inch range.

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