Length: 3 miles that is floatable

Flows: Approximately 3,000 CFS

The Rio Frey is a spectacular Patagonia river that is far removed from civilization within the boundaries of Los Alerces National Park. This Argentina river is accessed by catching a half hour boat transfer from Punta Mattos. After loading all of your gear and the rafts on to a large motorboat, you will make your way across Lago Futalaufquen towards the boca of the Rio Frey. The Frey drains Lago Kruger, which is reached via a 1/2 mile stretch of river fondly regarded as “Monster Pass," referring to the many giant trout you will see cruising the depths of this small passage between the lakes.

When arriving at the mouth of the river you will unload your fly fishing gear at the Refugio Kruger. This is a public lodging facility which sees a fair number of travelers for camping and lodging. Most visitors are trekkers and sightseers, but occasionally you will encounter a fellow angler.

Because the river is not accessed by roads, there is no way to shuttle the boats back to the top of the river. Consequently you will float the first few miles until you reach the rapids, where the guide will row the boat back to the mouth to meet you for dinner. Although the length of the river is not long, the number of 18 – 20 inch rainbows more than compensates for the lack of distance. The part of the lake around the mouth holds many nice rainbow and brown trout as well.

Between Monster Pass and the Rio Frey you can find 2 days of remote fishing and stunning scenery.

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