Length: 15 Km (9 miles)

Flow: 300 – 400 CFS

Name: 'Arroyo' means stream, spring or brooke, and 'Pescado means fish.

Note: You often get the trademark Patagonia wind here, especially in the afternoons, so its best to get an early start. The US$50.00 rod fee (covered by Esquel Outfitters) is a bargain, as it could boil down to roughly 50 cents a trout depending on your luck!

The Arroyo Pescado opens every year on January 1st. The Arroyo Pescado is famous for the terrific numbers of 18-20 inch rainbows that inhabit the creek and also some excellent dry fly fishing, especially on less windy days. Also, a few large browns (25 inches) inhabit the creek, which will always keep you on guard when a willing nose appears to eat your offering. The lower section of the creek fishes more like a slough, with patches of reeds and weed beds. A size 8 multi-colored wooly bugger is extremely effective. There are insect hatches of mayflies, caddis and damsel flies to provide some good dry fly fishing on non-windy days. The spring creek is crystal clear so if you have sun, the sight fishing is excellent with nymphs and even streamers.

If you didn't get your 50 fish plus days on the Rio Segilo, you'll have another crack at it here! In an effort to preserve the Argentina environment for the waterfowl refuge, anglers are allowed to fish on one side of the creek and are not allowed to wade in the water. Still, the fishing is easy enough that you'll soon satisfy your desire to catch a lot of nice big fish.

This creek was also featured on one of our episodes on ESPNs’ “In Search of Flywater”.

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